June 2012

Lost & Found » On her journey south to warmer climes, Maureen FitzGerald O'Brien and her husband make one last stop on the Bay-- St. Mary's City--Maryland's first capital city and home to a first-rate public honors college, an amazing archaeological site and recreated 17th-century city. Read more

Best of the Bay 2012 » Join us in our biggest annual social media event--the Best of the Bay reader survey results and photo contest! Yes, find out which marinas, restaurants, creeks and events are at the top of every boaters's list of favorites.  Read more

In a Star-Spangled Manner » To mark the bicentennial of the War of 1812, special events will be sprouting up all over the Bay in June--most notably OpSail 2012 and Maryland's Star-Spangled "Sailabration" festivities. We give you all the details--commemorations, festivals, parties, Blue Angels fly-overs and everything in between. Read more

Bypoints : 200 Years, but Who's Counting?
Let the War of 1812 bicentennial begin. All is forgiven, Britain! Sorry we invaded you, Canada! Read more

Marina Hopping : Basin Treat
Time and time again, fellow boaters have told Jody Argo Schroath that Chesapeake Boat Basin is a great marina. Now that she's been there herself, she knows exactly what they mean.

Cruise of the Month :  It's Not the Same Old Road Bay
Jody Argo Schroath finds that one tends to see a place in a different light after you learn a little of its history.

Angler's Almanac : Little Fish That Eat Big Fish
After hearing the call of a northern flicker during a spring walk in the woods, Michael Burke reflects on the nature of birdsong. This woodpecker's strident springtime call is a sound that only a mother, or a potential mate, could love. Though they're just little fish, bay anchovies and silversides are a big deal when it comes to the Bay's food chain. By John Page Williams.

Bay Journal : Is the Oyster's Future Down on the Farm?
Tom Horton ponders whether it matters that an oyster cultivated in a cage is just as plump and tasty, if not more so, than a one picked from a natural oyster reef.