March 2012

Flatland » While on an exploratory trip to Garrett Island with a descendant of its namesake, CBM editor-at-large John Page Williams delves into the history and ecology of the waters where the Susquehanna River meets the Chesapeake Bay. With a rich history, vibrant fisheries and a fantastic city on the shore, he may have found exactly what he was looking for.  Read this article

Inside History » Having literally written the book on the Monitor, Paul Clancy shares his unique opportunity to tour the turret of the historic U.S.S. Monitor during its brief breather between freshwater baths last summer.

Pump & Circumstance » Thanks to pump-out boats, liveaboard cruiser Diana Prentice had a easy season of quick and painless pump-outs. But things aren’t always so easy when it comes to marine sanitation devices, and Diana offers an overview of this complex and often ideologically touchy subject.

Bypoints : And Now, the Poop
Should treat-and-release marine toilets be allowed everywhere or completely banned everywhere? Here's a radical idea: maybe there’s a reasonable middle ground.  Read this article 

Marina Hopping : No Dinosaurs Here
Jody Argo Schroath squeezes through the jaws of the Smith Point jetties to visit a  Bay institution, Cockrell's Marine Railway. Read this article

Cruise of the Month :  Be-Ware!
In an attempt to find a pleasant memory of a regatta long ago, Jody Argo Schroath finds herself searching Mobjack Bay's Ware River for clues.

Angler's Almanac : Winter Reading, Thinking, and Perching
John Page Williams discusses Chesapeake Light Tackle, a good winter read, and yellow perch, a good winter catch.

Bay Journal : Taking Stock at Last
Just how many oysters are in the Bay? Well, no one has really been able to answer that question with any certainty, because there's never been a truly scientific stock assessment of the species. But that, says Karl Blankenship, is about to change.