November 2012

The Lynnhaven at Last » Southern Bay cruiser Paul Clancy is as happy as a clam (er, make that an oyster): Unlike his old boat, his new Cape Dory  has a mast low enough to put him under the Lesner Bridge and onto the beguiling Lynnhaven River—which he's always wanted to explore. He does just that, learning about the river's past and future—and eating oysters every step of the way. Read more

That Sinking Feeling » Marty LeGrand gives us the low down on what we can expect on the Chesapeake if predictions of sea level rise turn out to be accurate. Here on the Bay, she tells us, it's not just a matter of the seas rising, but also of the land sinking.

Elemental Reading, Part III: Whistle up the Wind  » Learning to read the wind can mean the difference between a comfortable reefed-down day on the water and a bone-jarring ride under too much sail. In this final installment of our series on better boating through better understanding of the elements, we look at what you can't really see at all: the wind.

Bypoints : On the Rise 
Yes, class, the seas are rising, and it's time either to do something about it or to panic. We suggest the former. Read more

Marina Hopping : Cool Place for a Hot Spell 
The summer heat finally gets to be too much for longtime cruiser Barbara Hampel, who heads for the cool comforts of Point Lookout Marina. Read more

Cruise of the Month : Up the Creek Without a Depthsounder
Feeling your way into an unknown and unmarked channel is a lot easier if your depthsounder is working. Still, persistent cruiser Jody Argo Schroath manages to pull if off, with a little help from locals on Warehouse Creek.

Angler's Almanac : Managing Menhaden
How important are menhaden to the life of the Chesapeake Bay? John Page Williams tells us all about this little fish and its big role at the bottom of the food chain.

Bay Journal : Teaching Hope
In his professorial role at Salisbury University, Tom Horton lectures, shucks oysters and takes his class on eye-opening field trips. But mostly, he says, it's about instilling a sense of hope.