September 2012

Destination Middle River? » Nobody goes to Middle River, right? That’s just where everyone keeps their boats . . . or so Jody Argo Schroath believed. But after spending a good bit of time on its many creeks, Jody concludes that Middle River can be a destination in its own right, with enough marinas, restaurants and hidey-holes to keep any boater happy, even if she’s in her own backyard. Read more

Keeping It Clean » Ever wonder what makes a Maryland or Virginia “Clean Marina”? It has nothing to do with tidy bathrooms and well-trimmed hedges, says Elizabeth McLellan. Rather, it means that the marina complies with rigorous environmental standards--everything from waste and sewage disposal to recycling programs and stormwater management.  

Elemental Reading, Part I: Windows on the Water  » In the first installment of a three-part series on interpreting the elements around us, Geoff Oxnam sheds light on how to understand the tides and currents.   

Bypoints : The Persistence of Memory
In which we find ourselves once again treading Memory Lane . . . this time to Herrington Harbour South Marina. Read more

Marina Hopping : Lesson Learned
It may be in the middle of no-man’s land, but Goose Creek Marina off Tangier Sound and the Manokin River proves that a great destination can be just about anywhere. Read more

Cruise of the Month :  Storm Chasees 
Jody Argo Schroath and friend Jean spend several days on the Potomac River, mostly ducking for cover from afternoon storms. 

Nautical Know-How : How About a Hybrid?
John Page Williams looks at the technology behind hybrid boats, and tells us what we can expect as the technology gains traction.

Bay Journal : Lessons from Agnes
In 1972, Tropical Storm Agnes wreaked havoc on the Bay, flooding the watershed in epic proportions. To Tom Horton, it stands as a reminder to us that although we measure change in years and decades, every once in a while, the change can be measured in mere days.