August 2013

Sir Hugh’s Beautiful Island
For Paul Clancy, a trip to Gwynn’s Island isn’t just about meeting lovely local islanders and enjoying the local cuisine, beaches and scenery. It’s about following historic footsteps—and negotiating (or not) the infamous Hole in the Wall shortcut from the Bay. Read this article

Freedom to Change
Loren Anne Barnett spends time getting to know the kids of Freedom Rowers—an Easton, Md., crewing club that makes the character-building sport available to high school athletes who’d otherwise have no entree. The club, she learns, has changed a lot of lives since it formed in 2004. 

Who’ll Stop the Rain
As a state-mandated deadline approached this summer, Maryland’s nine largest counties were still struggling with ways to comply with the new law requiring them to collect stormwater management fees. Some counties played by the rules; others were more passive-aggressive about what they’d dubbed the “rain tax.” By Rona Kobell and Tom Horton of the Bay Journal News Service.


Bypoints : Beam It Up?
Today’s question: “Do you have a digital edition? Next week’s question: “Why don’t you have a digital edition?” Compare, contrast, discuss. . . . Read this article

Marina Hopping: What Matters Most
Solomons Harbor Marina has lots of things going for it, says Jody Argo Schroath. When you add them all up, you’ve got one heck of a nice marina.

Cruise of the Month : Let’s Meet on the Corsica
The Corsica River off the Chester is just the place to meet with friends and enjoy gorgeous, undisturbed landscapes from any number of deep and protected anchorages. By Jody Argo Schroath. Read this article

Nautical Know-How : Skin Deep Solutions
Lenny Rudow addresses five of the most common boat “skin conditions” . . . and how to combat them and keep your topsides tip-top.

Bay Journal : Our Little Plastic Problem
Bottles and bags that land in the Bay are only the tip of the plastic pollution problem that plagues the world’s waterways, says Karl Blankenship. Scientists are discovering the prevalence of microplastics in our water, contaminating our supply and our food chain.