December/January 2014

The Great Havre de Grace Culture Clash
What’s the point of nourishing the mind and/or soul if you can’t also nourish the body while you’re at it? It’s a trick question, designed by senior editor Jody Schroath to give her a reason to stop for a bite to eat after each Havre de Grace museum she visited this fall. It makes for tasty story, indeed. Well played, madam, well played. . . . Read this article

Matt’s Excellent (Latest) Adventure
It didn’t take long for solo-around-the-Americas hero Matt Rutherford to come up with a new adventure. This time there was scientific method to his madness. Flying the flag of his Ocean Research Project, he and hydrographer Nicole Trenholm sailed the Atlantic, collecting data on the ocean’s growing plastic pollution problem.

Royalty Reshaped
You don’t mess with a Royal Lowell Downeast hull design unless you really know what you’re doing. It turns out that Bill Judge, founder of Judge Yachts in Denton, Md., really knew what he was doing. John Page Williams tells the story in a new installment of Bay Boatbuilders.


Bypoints: Been There...and There Too
How many professional Bay explorers do you know? At the risk of sounding boastful, is it a cool job or what? Read this article

Marina Hopping: What's in a Name?
Since Kings Creek Marina used to be Bay Creek Marina, and part of a residential/golf development also called Bay Creek, things are a tad confusing. But Jody Schroath sorts it all out for us, and, in the process, finds a lovely marina with very long sight lines.

Cruise of the Month: The Pull of the Push
Finding themselves further east than planned and with a very welcome following wind for a change, Jody and the crew of Moment of Zen decide to try to try their first substantive nighttime sail, from Sharps Island to Annapolis. Read this article

Angler's Almanac: 2013 Christmas List
Our fishing maestro, John Page Williams, gives us his annual illustrated list of Christmas gift ideas for the obsessive fish-chaser in your family.

Bay Journal: Glorious Things We Don't Know
Tom Horton marvels at the amazing and still only vaguely understood life cycle of the American eel—which, after a lifetime in the Bay, travels to the Sargasso Sea to spawn. And die.