May 2013

A Cambridge Education
Despite a strong hankering for steamed crabs, Jody Argo Schroath and her friend manage to explore Cambridge, Md.’s museums, waterfront icons, colorful downtown area and restaurants without ever wielding a mallet. Now that’s determination. Read this article

Remembering Mr. Goertemiller
Chesapeake Bay Magazine’s founder and first publisher, Dick Goertemiller, passed away in January. We take a look at the wonderful watercolor illustrations that graced the pages of this magazine for over 40 years and defined how many readers remember its past. Read this article (partial)

A Builder and his Boats
John Page Williams gets to know Tangier’s last boatbuilder, Jerry Frank Pruitt, whose “retirement” bears an uncanny resemblance to his working life: tinkering with the armada of workboats he’s built over the years, and buying and selling oysters on his buyboat, the Delvin K. 


Bypoints : Color Me Deficient
Recalling a conversation about color-blindness with the late Dick Goertemiller, CBM founder and watercolorist extraordinaire. Read this article

Marina Hopping : A Fly in the Ointment of Fun
Enjoying and exploring Portsmouth, Va.,’s vast Ocean Marine during the year’s biggest festivals should be fun, right? Well, perhaps, says Jody Argo Schroath, but only if you can get out of bed.

Cruise of the Month : Marriages Made on the Water
Jody Argo Schroath heads to the Captain Avery Museum for Maryland Day to learn couples who make their living on the Bay. Read this article

Bay Journal : In Search of Stories
The way to the hearts of the landlubbers in Bay Country is known only by the Chesapeake’s storytellers, says Rabbi Nina Beth Cardin. And we need more of them. Lots more.