November 2013

Postcards from Onancock
Photographer and keen small-boat sailor Steve Earley eats his way through the remarkably hungry village of Onancock, Va., but leaves the table long enough to visit a bugeye with a romantic story and an excellent and elegant museum. Then he takes a crepuscular sail with some new “old” friends.

Terraformers Inc.
Hart-Miller Island, Popular Island . . . We see evidence of their work everywhere. But who are these people who produce islands out of dredge? We dispatched our own How-Things-Work specialist Marty LeGrand to find out. Here’s her good-news story on Maryland Environmental Service and its latest project: formerly down and dirty Masonville.

See Sea Monsters?
Here’s a test. Look at the photo below. What do you see? If you say,“I see a fire-breathing dragon,” then you’ll want to turn right away to p.32 to see what else pilot/photographer Hunter H. Harris has conjured up out of the geography of the Chesapeake. Don’t see it? Don’t worry. It’ll come to you.


Bypoints: Map Maker, Map Maker
A heartfelt appeal to Mr. Google: think creeks and rivers, not just streets and highways. Read this article

Marina Hopping: By the Bay
Just north of Rock Hall, Md., as the channel clings to the Eastern Shore, you’ll find Tolchester Marina. Jody Argo Schroath turns in and discovers one of the coziest yet most convenient stops on the Bay.
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Cruise of the Month: Who’s King of the Mill Creeks?
Everyone seems to have a favorite, but our constantly cruising senior editor makes a strong case for the one where she happens to be anchored: the other Mill Creek off the Patuxent. Read this article

Bay Journal: The Pollution Diet Stands, for Now
Nobody’s crazy about diets, but when the EPA put Bay watershed states, industries, municipalities and individuals on a diet to clean up the Chesapeake, the hue and cry went all the way to the U.S. District Court. In September, the judge has said “Diet!” Now Bay Journal editor Karl Blankenship gives us the skinny on the issue.