Issue: October 2013
BYPOINTS: Two Boat Shows, One Baby

Lovers of immutable boat show tradition, brace yourselves: change has come. And it’s big. Oh, it’s really big. Are you ready for this? I’m telling you, it’s big. I mean huge. Okay, here it is: the Chesapeake Bay Magazine booth at this year’s Annapolis boat shows will be . . . in a different place!
I know, right?

Okay, in the great scheme of things—at the cosmic level, let’s say—it’s not that big a deal. But it feels big to me. As long as I’ve been at CBM, which is now alarmingly close to two decades, our booth has never been anywhere but on the “Chesapeake Bay Bridge”—the westernmost floating bridge across Ego Alley, at the Fleet Reserve Club. But, as good as that spot is and as comfortable as we’ve gotten with it over the years, it’s always been a bit too snug for our purposes. So, since the boat show folks pooh-poohed our idea of adding a second story (all right, maybe they had a point; that’s probably not a good idea on a floating dock), we decided this year that it was time to . . . gulp . . . move.

We’ll all have to make some adjustments. I, for one, will sorely miss the tantalizing aroma of roast beef wafting from the Fleet Reserve tent when the wind is just right. You, on the other hand, will no doubt have to learn how to fill out your subscription renewal form while standing on solid ground, as opposed to a sometimes-not-so-gently-rocking bridge. The upside: we expect your handwriting to be greatly improved, reducing the chance that we’ll mail your magazine to Biepnnnkj Rooghhl at 86L Allpeiboeojr Lane, Hryufzle, MB 210SS1. Speaking of this, it never ceases to amaze me how many of our readers have made their annual CBM subscription renewal part of their boat show ritual. I suppose it’s a testament to the superiority, in certain instances, of the low-tech approach.

At any rate, you should have no trouble locating us at our new and roomier space for both the sail and power shows—booth 59A, a corner spot off of Dock J2, near the National Sailing Hall of Fame. As always, I invite you come visit us. We’ll be there every day—and indeed this year we’ll be having a special subscriber reception at the booth at the close of each of the Friday shows (Oct. 4 and 11), starting at 6 p.m. Please come say hello!

Finally, allow me to offer an official welcome to the newest member of the extended CBM family. That would be Audrey Elizabeth Levelle, born August 20 to our managing editor, Ann Levelle, and her husband John. All are happy and healthy, including Audrey’s big sister, the irrepressible and ridiculously cute Penny Levelle. Congratulations, Annie, to you and your growing family!


Tim Sayles, Editor