April 2014

The Ins and Outs of the Upper Choptank
It’s a long and winding road up the Choptank River to Denton, Md., says John Page Williams. But each mile of meandering streamline along the Choptank and its neighbor, Tuckahoe Creek, is worth the trip—with rich history and nature along every twist and turn. Read this article

Know Thy Knots
Diana Prentice talks to the pros—tugboat and towboat captains, tall-ship specialists, dockmasters, etc.—and learns that expertise isn’t about the number of knots in your repertoire; it’s about knowing which knot is best for a given job.

2014 Fearless Fishing Forecast
The fish are going to be biting, yes—but not necessarily the ones you expect. After this year’s brutally cold winter and some other environmental anomalies, some Bay species are suffering, while others are thriving. John Page Williams tells us which fish to expect on the ends of our lines in his annual spring forecast. Read this article


Bypoints: A Case for Muscle Memory
Memory—Old knot habits die hard, but, come to think of it, maybe they shouldn’t die at all.
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Marina Hopping: What Could be Better?
Jody Argo Schroath braves the tiny channel into the Pocomoke River and then breezes up to the Pocomoke City Marina, where she’s delighted to find a new restaurant, museums and two night’s free docking.

Cruise of the Month: Fantasy Cove
Facing life’s crossroads, Emil Jayne just wants a day on the water to clear his head. But fog and fantasy put a quick stop to that!

Bay Journal: Phosphorus Fight, Round Two
Chicken poop comes to the fore again as farmers and their allies look for legislative help in the fight against phosphorus restrictions. By Rona Kobell. Read this article

Cover Photo by: John Bildahl