August 2014

Home Style at Harrison’s
Harrison House Country Inn on Tilghman Island is no Ritz-Carlton, says editor-at-large Wendy Mitman Clarke. But when you’ve got first-class fishing, watersports, fresh seafood, veteran innkeepers and, most important, a by-family-for-family atmosphere, who needs mints on the pillow? Read this article

The SUP Revolution
Stand-up paddleboards (SUPs) are everywhere on the Bay these days, and for good reason. Ralph Naranjo, who built his own board when the SUP bug bit him, gives us an insider’s look at this comparatively inexpensive and easy-to-learn way to explore the Bay’s skinny water

Love by Association
The sturdy Alberg 30 racer-cruiser turns 50 this year, and she’s still a beauty.Though she’s a Canadian, A30 headquarters is right here on Bay, with the 200-boat Chesapeake Bay Alberg 30 Association, a family-friendly and now multi-generational group with members from all over the continent. By Trish Lehman.


Bypoints: Throw the Book at ’Em
Say hello (next month) to our first book ever, and good-bye to the best boat dog ever, good old Skipper.

Marina Hopping: A Multi-Tasking Marina
Jody Argo Schroath inadvertently puts Reedville’s Buzzard Point Marina to the test, arriving the middle of a big fishing tournament. They passed the test with flying colors.

Cruise of the Month: Eight Barks for Skipper!
In this tribute to her beloved and recently departed Ship’s Dog, Jody Schroath shares Skippers Best Bets—a selection of his favorite places around the Bay.

Angler's Almanac: How to Keep Rock Steady
The Bay’s rockfish stock is declining, says John Page Williams, but it’s nothing like the crisis of the 1980s. With good management and prudent fishing practices, the fix might be easier this time around.

Bay Journal: Man and Menhaden
In its first year since the new harvest restrictions were imposed, the Bay’s Atlantic menhaden catch was indeed down. But, says Karl Blankenship, the beleaguered bait and forage fish is not out of the woods yet.

Cover Photo by: Tamzin B. Smith