Issue: February 2014
BYPOINTS: We've Got Game

I know it’s winter, hardly a time for baseball metaphors, but . . . well, let’s pretend we’re in the Dominican Republic, where no season is not baseball season. What am I babbling about? I’m not babbling; I’m bragging, or about to. Specifically, about the big bats we’ve got in the middle of the lineup this month. I think I know how New York Yankees manager Miller Huggins must have felt on opening day in 1927 when he looked at his batting order. Murderers Row, they called it, led by Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Earle Combs—all hall-of-famers, all .350-plus that year. It was Ruth’s 60-home-run year. Gehrig had 47 and led the league with 175 RBIs. Combs led the league with 231 hits. No one stood a chance against them. They won 110 games that season and swept Pittsburgh in the Series.

Here’s my Murderer’s Row for this issue: Wendy Clarke, Marty LeGrand and Michael Fincham. You know Wendy, of course, the Babe Ruth of CBM writers. That’s right, she’s back. She was away for a while, gallivanting around the Atlantic and Caribbean with her husband Johnny and now shockingly grown-up children Kaeo and Kailani (I remember when they were wee tadpoles) on their ocean cruiser Osprey. But now they’ve settled again on the Bay, and Wendy’s in the batting order again. True to form, she has hit one into the right field bleachers with “A Tale of Two Lighthouses” [see page 24], her story on the family’s stay at the Cove Point Lighthouse (now a vacation rental house)—which logically extends to a visit to the Calvert Marine Museum’s Drum Point Lighthouse in nearby Solomons, Md.

Marty LeGrand is my Iron Horse, my Lou Gehrig, whom I can always count on to handle the big subjects with style and grace. This month she takes on the fascinating—no, I mean fascinating—story of the 35-million-year-old impact crater discovered only few decades ago at the mouth of the Bay (under it, that is). Who knew? I sure didn’t. But in my own defense, it happened back in the Eocene epoch, and I didn’t come to the magazine until, like, very late Miocene. Maybe even Pliocene. At any rate, Marty clears the bases with this story [“The Hole at the Bottom of the Bay,” page 30]; don’t miss it.

It’s very appropriate that Michael Fincham is the Earle Combs of this metaphor—the name you may not recognize but should. Michael, editor of the Maryland Sea Grant’s Chesapeake Quarterly magazine, has written only a few stories for CBM, but they’ve all been home runs. (All right, Earle Combs was not a power hitter, but, come on, no metaphor is perfect.) In this issue [page 36] we have part one of “Remembering the Cuyahoga,” Michael’s two-part article on the tragic 1978 sinking of a U.S. Coast Guard cutter at the mouth of the Potomac River, which claimed 11 lives. It’s a very compelling read, and I guarantee it’ll leave you wanting more—which you’ll get next month.

But for now—batter up!


Tim Sayles, Editor