July 2014

Norfolk in Five Easy Pieces
Senior editor Jody Argo Schroath dissects her new-found delight with the charms of downtown Norfolk into five easily digest- ible pieces. There’s a bit of boating, a lot of walking, a good friend, a great dog and an inordinate amount of laughter. Read this article

Restoring a Bay Icon
Here’s your chance to step inside the Chesapeake’s most famous lighthouse. Join managing editor Ann Levelle as she steps over the paint cans and ducks under the eaves to give you a backstage tour of the historic screwpile light’s renovation.

A Matter of Import/Export
As the regulatory and government agencies rush through Dominion Energy’s request to convert the Cove Point liquefied natural gas plant near Solomons, Md. from an import to an export facility, a chorus of opposing voices seem lost in the wind. Rona Kobell of the Bay Journal airs the pros and cons of this controversial issue.


Bypoints: As Boaty as it Gets
Marinas to the right of him, paddleboarders to the left of him . . . he’s in the maritime thick of it now.

Marina Hopping: And the View's Good Too
With the finale of the War of 1812 commemoration just over the horizon, our senior editor looks back at her stay at Baltimore Marine Center’s HarborView as evidence that it might work beautifully for the city’s September bash as well.

Cruise of the Month: Cruising Kent Narrows
Now that perennial mid-Bay bugaboo Kent Narrows has been dredged, editor Jody Argo Schroath is ready to take it on. So on a crisp morning in late May, Moment of Zen sallies forth to do battle with the notorious north channel.

Nautical Know-How: The Fouling Challenge
Choosing a bottom paint is no easy job, says John Page Williams. But if you understand what’s in the paints and in your local waters, you’ve got a good shot at (responsibly) keeping scum off your boat’s bottom.

Bay Journal: Beyond Bare Minimum
The winter dredge survey is in, and it’s not good, says Karl Blankenship. The number of female blue crabs has fallen to the lowest number since 2002—below the mini- mum number to maintain the stock.

Cover Photo by: Lee Kriel