March 2014

Cherries Jubilee
After a chilly jaunt up the Potomac, Jody Argo Schroath spends a few weeks in March at Gangplank Marina, waiting for the warm weather to arrive and for the cherry trees to put on their big spring show. Both were a bit tardy, but it gave Jody and Skipper, the able-bodied seadog, time for a proper exploration of the multi-faceted National Cherry Blossom Festival.. Read this article

Remembering the Cuyahoga, Part 2
In the conclusion of his article on the sinking of the USCGC Cuyahoga in October of 1978, Michael W. Fincham focuses on the aftermath of the cutter’s collision with the coal freighter Santa Cruz II, from the terrifying moments after the crash to the subsequent years of investigations, law suits and courts martial.

The Vlahovich Files
Though he’s a come-here to the Bay, Mike Vlahovich has spent his career lovingly building iconic Chesapeake Bay watercraft and restoring many of the Bay’s fleet of aging skipjacks. By John Page Williams.


Bypoints: A Cherry on Top
Recall a spring day / With cherry trees in full bloom, / Say good-bye to snow. Read this article

Marina Hopping: Island Happy
It’s an island on an island on a peninsula on a peninsula. Jody Argo Schroath tries not to over-think that; better to just enjoy her stay at the lovely Tilghman-on-Chesapeake Marina.

Cruise of the Month: Best Storm-Hole Ever?
Jody Argo Schroath does a little reconnaissance work on a trip to Wilton Creek on the Piankatank, in search of a great spot to ride out a storm. And, oh yeah, she found one. Read this article

Angler's Almanac: Fishing Here and There
John Page Williams reminds us that tips and tricks from far-away places—Alaska, let’s say—can still come in handy, with a tweak or two, here on the Chesapeake.

Bay Journal: New Foothold for an Old Fish?
Given all the recent reports of leaping sturgeon on the upper Nanticoke River and Marshyhope Creek, scientists wonder if the once “extirpated” fish could be re-establishing itself not just in Virginia, in Maryland too. By Karl Blankenship.