May 2014

Oh the Places You Go
You know where we’ve gone. Now we want to know where you, the readers, spend your time cruising! We offer a lively sampler of Collected Stories—snippets, vignettes and tidbits from the adventures of your fellow readers. Read this article

War Comes Ashore
Two hundred years ago this summer, a very young United States of America was scrambling to defend itself against the considerably military might of Great Britain. With troops freed up from a recent victory over Napoleon and led by Yankee-loathing Admiral, Sir Alexander Cochrane, the British turned up the heat in 1814. Washington proved an easy conquest. Baltimore? Not so much.

Our Watermen, Our Guides
With Chesapeake watermen’s livelihood on the line, a new program, the Watermen Heritage Tour Training Program is helping crabbers, oystermen and others keep their “day jobs”—by giving them the tools to start heritage tourism businesses. Now more and more watermen are offering tours and onboard learning adventures.


Bypoints: Interpreting History
They sure talked funny back in the olden days, didn’t they? Firsthand accounts of historic events are invaluable, any historian will tell you, but only if you can understand them. Read this article

Marina Hopping: The Where Says It All
Some marinas have a vibe all their own, no matter what city they’re in. But Old Point Comfort Marina, attached to Fort Monroe, is inextricably linked to its neighbor. By Jody Argo Schroath. Read this article

Cruise of the Month: Tipping the Odds
You may be the only sailboat in town, but, according to Jody Argo Schroath, Maryland’s Back River is worth the trip no matter what type of boat you’re on. Read this article

Bay Journal: A Downtrend in Buffers
Twenty years ago, Bay cleanup leaders initiated the planting of forest buffers to curb farm runoff. In its early years, the idea got off to a booming start, but plantings of these “riparian” buffers has slowed greatly in recent years. Karl Blankenship examines the issue.

Cover Photo by: Sara Proctor