November 2014

Hard Drives, Hard Drivers
Forty-year veteran Bay pilot Bill Band shares a series of terrific images he captured while shepherding ships up and down the Bay in this photo essay that includes a quick primer on what Bay pilots do on those commercial vessels.

Dancing with Irene
When Hurricane Irene swept up the Chesapeake, Bay pilots took to the ships and skedaddled into open water. Retired pilot Bill Band tells of his white-knuckle night aboard the cruise liner Carnival Pride.

In the Wake of the Big Boys
Writer and cruiser Katie Hamilton is so intrigued by the American Cruise Liners that ply the Bay, she convinced her husband Gene to try one of their cruises . . . in their own boat. Read this article

Working Girls
With oysters on the rebound, three more skipjacks have re-entered the dredging fleet. Janie Meneely has made a little list of this year’s working girls.

Going with the Grain
In this ode to handmade watercraft, Gary Reich chronicles Chesapeake Light Craft’s John Harris and his long-standing love affair with small boats.

A Bay for the Birds
Avid photographer and small-boat guru Ralph Naranjo heads for Cambridge, Md., to snap some of the location’s plentiful late-season waterfowl. He then shares some practical advice on camera gear and lenses.


Shoal Draft: Oars in the Water
Ralph Naranjo expounds upon the fine art of rowing and what to look for in a rowing tender. (Here on the Bay, he says, towing is the easiest way to haul your dinghy around.)

Tech Talk: Fuel, Flow, Filtration, Part II
In this second half of a two-part series, Steve D’Antonio concludes with recommendations on fuel filters.

Marina Hopping: Smug or Snug?
A stop at the Atlantic Yacht Basin in Great Bridge, Va., gives Cruising Editor Jody Argo Schroath shelter from a blow and access to spare parts and supplies needed for her ICW sojourn.

Cruise of the Month: Wye We Cruise
Moment of Zen finds a quiet spot at the Wye River’s Drum Point, which Jody Argo Schroath dubs one of the Bay’s best anchorages—but then she says that about a lot of Bay anchorages. What does puppy Bindi think?

Weather Eye: What If?
A simple enough question, on the face of it. But, says Wendy Mitman Clarke, it’s a question that takes on many layers of meaning when it’s posed by Doug Levin of the Chester River Watershed Observatory.

Cover Photo by: John Bildahl