June 2016

Best of the Bay!
Here it is again, our annual compendium of what you, our readers, have chosen as the best of what the Bay has to offer by way of services, scenery, food and more—but that’s not all! Here also are the winners of our photo contest to peruse. Thanks to all who participated. 

Jimmy Meets Sook 

CBM editor Janie Meneely gives us the skinny on the life cycle of crabs. There are more crabs in the Bay than there have been, and we’d like to keep it that way.    

Rules of the Ramp

Boat ramp etiquette is right up there with table manners, says boat launcher and CBM contributing writer Ann Eichenmuller .  

Bay Reads: Leviathan’s Master 

Local author David M. Quinn provides a stunning account of the wreck of the T. W. Lawson , the 400-foot seven-masted schooner lost off the southwest coast of Britain in 1904. Copious research went into framing the story, which centers on Quinn’s great-great uncle, the ship’s captain George Dow.


On Boats:  Power Play 

Editor-at-large John Page Williams says before choosing power for your boat, figure out how far and how fast you realistically want to go.  

Tech Talk: H ankering to Anchor 

Anchoring can be tricky, especially if foul weather is afoot. CBM contributing writer Tom Hale explains the best way to stay hooked for the night.  

Jody’s Log:  A Sailor’s Slippery Slope

When the wind fizzles, cruising editor Jody Argo Schroath is determined to sail on to St. Michaels. She doesn’t make it, and she’s not sorry, either. But that’s Jody for you.  

Weather Eye: Life is  Better in the Boatyard 

Editor-at-Large Wendy Mitman Clarke was feeling down and out, but a visit to the boatyard to lend a hand perked her right up.