June 2015

Best of the Bay 2015
It’s the Best of the Best here in this 25th anniversary Best of the Bay survey. Learn what marinas, restaurants, cruising grounds and events are at the top of readers’ favorite places on the Chesapeake. You’ll also find the results of our annual Best of the Bay Photo Contest, complete with awe-inspiring shots of the Bay, its boats, its people (and its dogs). Read this feature

Cruising with Kids
School’s out for summer! Time to pack the pool noodles and goldfish crackers and go forth on epic summer boating adventures. If you’re not sure where to go, we’ve got a smattering of ideas to get you started, whether you’re interested in visiting resort marinas, cool Bay towns or just a good ice cream parlor, Ann Levelle’s got you and your littlest cruisers covered. Read this article

The Big Blue Show
It seemed like a good idea—hitching a ride to Baltimore to see the Blue Angels fly. But J.W. Corse’s husband and his boating partner-in-crime Tom weren’t the only geniuses to take to the Patapsco on a gorgeous fall day to see the show. With the bathtub effect of wakes by the hundreds the ride becomes more than just a little hectic.


Tech Talk: Onboard Rx
A good set of spares, a nice tool kit and a little bit of planning go a long way in keeping emergency situations and breakdowns under control. By Tom Richardson.

Shoal Draft: The Urge to Paddle
Kayaks are a great way to get out on the water. But how to pick the right one? Veteran paddler Ralph Naranjo gives a rundown of basic kayak design and functionality, and how to choose which kind of craft is right for your paddling style.

Chesapeake Almanac: Finding Fish
Fishing season is on. Now, where to find the fish? John Page Williams provides some strategies for finding where the cool fish hang out.

Jody’s Log: Drama. Who Needs It?
Urbanna, Va., may just be the most welcoming, drama-free town on the Bay, at least according to Jody Argo Schroath. Unless there are no oysters to be had. Maybe.

Weather Eye: Father's Day
Wendy Mitman Clarke pays homage to her father, who instilled in her “an appreciation of wonder, independence and the value of a good depthsounder.”

Cover Photo by: Tamzin B. Smith