January/February 2015

Five Easy Places
The Chesapeake has a wealth of great stopovers for migrating cruisers. Wendy Mitman Clarke gives us the lowdown on five of our favorite easy-to-get-to spots that will delight any transiting boater.

Back to School
A dillar a dollar a ten o’clock scholar: Cruising Editor Jody Argo Schroath presents a preview of the Progressive Boat School coming to the Baltimore Boat Show in January.

The Dam Problem
Though sediment is indeed backing up behind the Conowingo Dam, that’s not really the biggest problem, say two recent studies. Bay Journal editor Karl Blankenship digs deep to tell us what these studies mean for the future of the Conowingo and the Bay below it.

Captain Boyle and the Messerschmitt
Without the super sailing power of the new-fangled Baltimore schooners, the War of 1812 might have had a very different outcome, according to writer and illustrator Jan Adkins.

Island Dreaming
When the Clarke family began planning for an extended family cruise, they used a short charter vacation in the Virgin Islands as a litmus test. Wendy Mitman Clarke reminisces about that magical trip.
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Tech Talk: How's the Holding?
So how do you know which anchor works best on the Bay? It’s all scientific, says John Page Williams, after spending a few days aboard the R/V Rachel Carson with a team of anchoring pros.

Shoal Draft: On the Road Again
Ralph Naranjo shares his roof-racking tips as he loads the kayak on the car for a trip down south.

Jody's Log: The Tallulah Bankhead Expedition
The quest is on: In her brand new column debut, Jody Argo Schroath heads to Langford Creek in search of a movie star’s grave.

Weather Eye: Water Boy
Chester River native Mike Gosman may have traveled to the farthest reaches of the world, but he’s a Bay boy at heart, now retired and returning to his roots on his skipjack Lady Helen. By Wendy Mitman Clarke.

Cover Photo by: John Bildahl