December 2016

Art Daniel, Captain of the Bay  
He’s still the oldest skipjack captain on the Bay, even if he isn’t dredging this year. Writer Brice Stump got Captain “Daddy Art” Daniel to tell us all about the oystering life aboard his beloved skipjack the City of Crisfield. 
New World Order
James Dawson describes early mapmaking efforts here on the Bay and reveals some surprising details. How does Philadelphia, Maryland sound? It almost happened.
Locks & Buntys  
We know CBM readers don’t always boat on the Bay. In fact Editor Janie Meneely took off for the UK not long ago and wrote about her narrowboat adventure. Now she’s off to do another one! 
Holiday Wrapping 
What better way to cheer up those dark winter nights than to throw a party? Cruising sailor and fabulous cook Nica Waters dishes up some simple party fare that will wow your guests, whether you’re afloat or on the hard.
’Tis the Season for Giving  
Wondering what to give your favorite boater this season? As ever, we can give you lots of ideas, all duly tested and approved by the elves here at the CBM office. 

Tech Talk: Ka-Boom!
Gas powered boats still go up in flames now and then, just when their owners least expect it. Tom Hale explains some of the reasons why and how to make sure it doesn’t happen 
to you.  
On Boats: Rigid Inflatable Magic
John Page Williams gives us the skinny on those spiffy BRIG RIBs that are starting to show up on U.S. shores. 
Jody’s Log: A Queenstown Creek 
Mutiny On a recent visit to Queenstown Creek, Cruising Editor Jody Argo Schroath runs out of freeze-dried beef liver cubes at the worst possible  moment but lives to tell the tale.
First Watch:  Small Wilds
Kailani Clarke shares her discovery of the ultimate secret hiding place and 
reminds us of the peace and solace that 
comes from wild places.