September 2014

To See the C&D
Exploring Chesapeake City, Delaware City and the nearly 200-year-old C&D Canal in between, editor T. F. Sayles tries not to get too hung up on scouting out the most civilized spots on the canal for the grand sport of big-ship-watching. For the most part, he succeeds in that. Read this article

The Long Way Home
Mostly unseen by those of us who ply the Bay’s tributaries, the American eel is one of the world’s most mysterious and oddly romantic figures. Editor-at-large Wendy Mitman Clarke describes Anguilla rostrata’s remarkable and little-understood catadramous life cycle: living and spawning in the Bay, birth and death in the Sargasso Sea.

O, Say, Can You Celebrate?
There are so many events surrounding Baltimore’s commemoration of the final Chesapeake battles of the War of 1812, it’s enough to make you see stars . . . and fireworks . . . and Blue Angels . . . and so much more. Bedazzled? We’ve collected the best of the fest for you here.


Small Craft Advisor: A Paddler's Perspective
In a new column dedicated to exploring the Bay’s depth-challenged waters, Ralph Naranjo drops his kayak into the upper Pocomoke River.

Marina Hopping: Boats Don’t Lie
Jody Argo Schroath revisits York River Yacht Haven on Sarah Creek. There she finds new owners, delicious oysters and some great boats.

Cruise of the Month: Off to the Races
After decades of sailing the Bay, Diana Prentice finally makes it to Cambridge, Md., for a skipjack race. And what a race it turns out to be!

Angler's Almanac: Bobbers on the Bay
What’s old is new again for many Bay anglers, who are reviving the old sport of bobber watching, with some new twists. By John Page Williams.

Bay Journal: Defeat of the River Rat
It’s been a long, unpleasant fight, but the battle against the invasive nutria is down to the final skirmishes, reports “war” correspondent Tom Horton.

Nautical Know-How: The Case Against Time & Materials
Technical guru Steve D’Antonio debuts as a CBM columnist this month with sound advice on working with boatyards to get a fair price—with no surprises.

Cover Photo by: Ann Levelle