March 2015

Backyard Adventure
Having just moved to the shores of the South River near Annapolis, it seemed only fitting that Managing Editor Ann Levelle would want to take the family exploring. Again and again. Read this article

Gearing Up
With so much high-tech equipment out there these days, how do you narrow the assortment down to what you really need? Veteran cruiser and CBM contributing writer Tom Dove gives us the lowdown on what’s what, what’s necessary and what might be just plain fun to have from the world of electronic boating gear.

Domestic Docking
Contributing writer Jan Adkins is at it again with his tongue-in-cheek take on the potential pitfalls of boat ownership. While we don’t actually recommend his  final solution, we concede that it has a certain appeal sometimes.

Balancing Act
While wandering the shoreline of the Choptank River CBM editor Janie Meneely discovered an array of intricate and whimsical stone cairns set atop a stretch of rip-rap. Turns out they are the handiwork of Stewart Hickman, who told us about his penchant for balancing rocks: a Zensory experience, to say the least.


Tech Talk: The Deal with Dinghy Outboards
So there you are, on your first spring cruise, and your dinghy conks out. Was this preventable? Yes, in all likelihood, says Tom Hale, whose vast maintenance and cruising experience includes nursing more than one dinghy outboard back to life.

Good Boatkeeping: The Lists of March
In spring all eyes turn to the waterfront as we ready our boats for the season ahead. Ralph Naranjo offers up some good tips for getting (and staying) organized for the work ahead.

Chesapeake Almanac: Under the Bay
We may not be able to see it, but spring is starting to stir things up in the water column, says John Page Williams as he gives us the scoop on what’s happening below the surface of the Bay.

Jody's Log: One Good Turn
CBM Cruising Editor Jody Argo Schroath meanders up the Potomac River, heading for the glitz and glamour of National Harbor, where silly hats and a ride on the Ferris wheel were the order of the day.

Weather Eye: Welcome Home to the Wanderers
Wendy Mitman Clarke—who knows a thing or two about world traveling and what it’s like to arrive in a familiar place after a long journey—wonders if ospreys feel the same sense of elation when they return here each spring.

Cover Photo by: John Bildahl