May 2015

The Fun of Flying
Retired fighter pilot Dave Brubaker takes us aloft in his spiffy new Searey, an amphibious plane that has broadened his cruising radius considerably. Still a float boater at heart, he loves to glide into a quiet creek or taxi up to a welcome dock. Read this article

For Want of a Working Waterfront
Watermen around the Bay have watched public wharves and landings get swallowed up by private landowners or exclusive commercial enterprises that have blocked their access to the water. Contributing writer Marty LeGrand talks about some of the innovative ways communities are trying to address the problem—for working watermen and recreational boaters alike.

Little Boat, Big Cruise
Norfolk-based photographer Steve Earley launches his homebuilt 17-foot yawl Spartina for a nine-day cruise from Crisfield to St. Michaels and back, wandering the back marshes of the Eastern Shore along the way.

Sailing on the Edge
Wanna go fast? Windsurfing and kiteboarding could be just the ticket if you’re looking for high speed adventure afloat. Ralph Naranjo shares some tips for how to get started in either sport. Oh, and you don’t have to go fast—windsurfing also offers a slow-lane for those who prefer to just idle along a scenic river enjoying the breeze.


Tech Talk: True Measure
Get the lowdown on moisture meters from maintenance maestro Tom Hale. You probably ought to have one in your tool box, he says but first you need to know how to interpret its readings.

Chesapeake Almanac: The Peeler Run
April showers bring more than May flowers. May also welcomes a savory explosion of soft crabs—a boon for humans as well as other predatory species here on the Bay. CBM Editor-at-Large John Page WIlliams explains why this gustatory beneficence happens every year.

Jody’s Log: The Gods Must Be Crazy
After a particularly bouncy ride up the Bay, Cruising Editor Jody Argo Schroath steers Moment of Zen into Frog Mortar Creek , seeking shelter from a building breeze. Oh, and to make the weather gods stop laughing.

Weather Eye: Puppy Whipped
They deliberately left the dock with no dogs onboard, but an abandoned puppy on a deserted island won their hearts and a permanent place in the crew, writes Editor-at-Large Wendy Mitman Clarke.

Cover Photo by: Edwin Remsberg