July 2016


Cruising with Dogs 

As we all know, cruising editor Jody Argo Schroath. is a pro at cruising with canine companions. Herewith are some great tips on bringing your four-legged friends along for the ride.

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Congreve’s Red Glare 

Francis Scott Key wasn’t just waxing poetic when he wrote the Satr-Spangled Banner. There really were rockets flying over Fort McHenry that fateful morn. But good news for us, says writer Jan Adkins , they weren’t terribly effective.    


Boaters Beware! 

Vibrio vulnificus is a killer bacteria, and it’s on the rise in the Bay’s warm salt water, says Karen Soule. But with a few common sense practices you can easily protect yourself from contracting it.  


Bay Reads: Still Browsin’ 
CBM contributor Bill Sterling spent his career as a newspaper journalist close to home on Virginia’s Eastern Shore. After spending years chronicling the lives of local characters, he’s packaged them together in this delightful read. 



Tech Talk: Hold or  Release?   

Tom Hale talks  toilets, treatments and No-Discharge Zones, and how best to deal with them here on the Bay.


On Boats: Four Good Boats 

Under $50KEditor-at-large John Page Williams
gives buyers on a budget plenty to consider with these
four boats under $50K.  


Jody’s Log:  Best Creek You Never Heard Of  

Pitts Creek, along the long and  winding Pocomoke River, gives cruising editor Jody Argo Schroath refuge from a nasty thunderstorm that caught Moment of Zen ’s crew 

off guard. 


First Watch:  Good Luck, Joaquin
Writer Kailani Clarke bids adieu to Joqauin the terrapin, whom she has been caring for since turtle toddlerhood last fall, as he braves the wilds of Poplar Island on his own.