April 2015

This Must Be the Place
She came, she saw, she ate: cruising editor Jody Argo Schroath cruises into Poquoson, Va., for a good look around and discovers a water world extraordinaire and a newly opened restaurant of gustatory delight—among other things. Read this article

2015 Fearless Fishing Forecast
Once again editor-at-large John Page Williams goes to the mat with his annual summary of the varieties of fish that will be visiting the Bay this summer and when and where they’ll be biting. We’ve also added as a special feature a Chesapeake Tournament Planner, thanks to Gary Reich, for anglers looking for prizes.

A Bay Runs Through It
Contributing writer (and avid fisherman) Gary Reich is in his element as he introduces us to the sport of fly-fishing on the Bay. Hint: you probably won’t be catching any rainbow trout.

Big Sky Country
John Page Williams takes us along on his annual fishing spree, this time to the waters of Tangier Sound. Guided by the formidable fishfinder, Bob “Captain Walt” Walter, he and his buddies explore the underwater nooks and crannies around Janes, Smith and Tangier islands, hooking dinner along the way.


Tech Talk: New Volvo Breakthrough
Leave it to the Volvo folks to put a new spin on propulsion systems. Contributing writer Tom Hale was able to get hands-on experience with the new Volvo FWD when he stopped by the Miami Boat Show in February. He eschewed the chance for a little wake surfing, which we’re sure he sorely regrets.

Shoal Draft: Suiting Up
Beware the bewitching weather of spring, says contributing writer Ralph Naranjo, who warns that warm spring zephyrs can mask the still-frigid Bay water. Shoal-draft boaters need to dress for success and be prepared for what could be a life-threatening tumble into the drink.

Nautical Know How: Storm Lines
When the wind starts to howl, make sure your boat is secure in her slip with these tips from Tom Hale, a liveaboard who sure knows how to tie one on—a boat to a dock, that is.

Jody’s Log: Barking Up the Wrong Tree
Bindi, the intrepid ship’s puppy aboard Moment of Zen, takes pen in paw to forewarn her canine colleagues of the deceptive nature of Bay place names. She was disappointed, she says, in a recent run to Elk River and Turkey Point.

Weather Eye: Fish Like a Girl
Wendy Mitman Clarke is one proud mom, and it shows in this essay about her daughter’s fishing prowess. More than that, she suggests that the more we can get kids involved with the natural world, the more likely they’ll be to carry the flag for conservation and clean-up efforts in the years to come.

Cover Photo by: Shawn Kimbro