December 2015

A Murder of Colonial Proportions
Leave it to Cruising Editor Jody Argo Schroath to take us on a romp through the annals of Bay history. Here’s a tale of chicanery and derring-do (including a dramatic jail break) that’s mostly—nearly all of it, she says—based on fact. Her archival research enlightens us all. Read this feature

Home for the Holidays
When Editor-at-Large Wendy Mitman Clarke first set out with her family, sailing to warmer climes, she failed to take into account just how different the holiday season would be for her liveaboard family.

For the Birds
Birdwatchers revel in winter landscapes, where birds are so visible among the leafless trees. Editor-at-Large John Page Williams introduces us to a few winter visitors that are easy to spot out on the water.

Ask the Experts
We asked some of the “pros” what they might have on their wish list during this holiday season. If you’re wondering what to give the boater nearest you, here are a few ideas from folks who make a living out on the water.


Tech Talk: Plugging Along
Corroded power cords are bad news on boats. Period. Writer Tom Hale tells us why and what to look for.

Bay Reads: Chesapeake Oysters
Kate Livie’s brisk writing and attention to detail make this book on bivalves a winner.

Jody's Log: Books on a Boat
If we can’t get out on the water, we may as well read about it. Cruising Editor Jody Argo Schroath presents a list of her favorites.

First Watch: New Arrival
Kailani Clarke, dinghy sailor and budding marine biologist, takes over her mom’s Weather Watch column to tell us about turtles—baby terrapins, in fact.

Cover Photo by: John Bildahl