September 2016

The Great Rebound
Veteran paddler Marty LeGrand explores Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge, an enormous expanse of marshy wetlands covering nearly 30,000 acres of Dorchester County, Md.  The refuge was once a haven for hunters, but now provides habitat for growing numbers of bald eagles, migrating birds and other waterfowl.


The Bay’s Ups and Downs
The Chesapeake’s tidal behaviors are not as straightforward as one might think, says editor-at-large Tom Hale. Just because the tide is turning doesn’t mean the current is flip-flopping, too. Boaters who understand the interplay between tide and current can save time and money. 

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Tips from the Trades 

As fall approaches, we asked some of the Bay’s boat maintenance gurus for some tips on winter projects and best practices.



Tech Talk: Keep it Trimmed   

Editor-at-large Tom Hale teaches us the finer points of outboard trim.


On Boats: Trawler Luv  

From Spartan to luxurious, John Page Williams looks at four small trawlers that do 

the trick to keep their owners happy cruisers.  


Jody’s Log: Fairlee Crazy Busy 

Jody Argo Schroath grabs some friends and heads for Fairlee Creek, one of the busiest party spots on the Bay. While it was nerve-racking at first, turns out it’s a must-do for even the shyest Bay boater.


First Watch:  Weather Wise  

Kailani Clarke and her cruising family may have moved on land, but they are still bound by the weather.