January/February 2016

Breaking the Ice
Not everyone gets the chance to go cruising around on an icebreaker as it works to keep our waterways open for business. Editor-at-Large Wendy Mitman Clarke takes the rare opportunity to explore an ice-capped Bay. Read this feature

Bay Reads: Choptank Odyssey
The sub-title of this book , the newest collaboration from writer Tom Horton and photographer David W. Harp, is “Celebrating a Great Chesapeake River,” and celebrate it does, with Horton’s ear for language and penchant for description paired with Harp’s sharp camera work. Together they document what is quite possibly the last of the Choptank River’s commercial fishermen, plying their trade.

Chasing the Dream
Writer Ann Eichenmuller recounts her family’s first sail down the ICW to the world of adventure beyond. They had no idea it would be so rewarding or so easy.

World War II Confidential
Who knew? Turns out the funny device that Writer Marty LeGrand and her brother played with as kids was an example of the top secret high-tech fuze their mother used to put together during the War—a device designed and tested here on the Bay.


Tech Talk: Battery Watch
Writer Tom Hale puts us on notice regarding how we store our boat batteries over the winter. Hibernation is all very well until your battery wakes up dead, just when you were ready for your spring shakedown cruise.

Jody's Log: A Mobjack Sales Pitch
Whether you nose into Mobjack Bay to escape a storm or to reconnoiter a swell anchorage, you’ll be glad you did, says Cruising Editor Jody Argo Schroath, who has done both many a time. Bindi the navigator agrees, “Woof!”

First Watch: Season of the Loon
Nothing sounds quite so eerily piquant as a loon in winter. Something about their call and the birds themselves catches Wendy Mitman Clarke. They have become one of her totems, consistently appearing and reappearing on her many journeys.

Cover Photo from: Nordic Tugs