August 2016


Making It Last
In a time of buying the latest models of just about everything, including boats, one sailing family finds comfort in the familiarity of keeping a boat for the long haul, having
upgraded their 36-foot Cape Dory cutter, Acadia, with everything from new cabinetry to DIY custom canvas. By John Page Williams


5 Easy Projects 

Veteran DIY boater Tom Dove walks us through five simple improvement projects that can make life aboard a little more comfy.   


Once Upon a Time in Annapolis 

A reformed drinker turned barkeep Sam Lorea kept things lively in Annapolis at until his death in 1974, recalls Jack Sherwood


Close Encounters  

If there was one thing Drew Jones never expected on a quiet weekday sail off Solomons, it was a sales pitch. 



Tech Talk: “Ship on Land”   

Editor-at-large Tom Hale notes the importance of using both paper and electronic charts, as well as remembering to lift your head up and look at your surroundings. Otherwise you might panic when your screen icon is trekking through a creekside backyard.


On Boats: Perfect Sailer 

Publisher John  Stefancik gets out on the Alerion Sport 30, a daysailer with all the modern technologies and none of the stress.  


Jody’s Log: Ships in the Night
An overnight sail up the Bay? No problem, says cruising editor Jody Argo Schroath. But this cruise was more like a game of Frogger than a relaxing night under the stars. 


Weather Eye:  The Secrets
She Holds 
The water is full of mystery, a wondrous being that captures our emotions and imagination, says Wendy Mitman Clarke. Counting horseshoe crabs under the light of a full moon helped her realize its draw.