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The days are short, the nights are long—a perfect time, we think, for feature stories you can sink your teeth into. That’s just what you’ll get in your soon-to-arrive February issue of Chesapeake Bay Magazine. The lineup of writers, says editor Tim Sayles, is a veritable Murderers Row (for you who are fuzzy on baseball history, that’s a good thing)—Wendy Clarke, Marty LeGrand and Michael Fincham, power hitters all.

Wendy Clarke tells us about her stay at what used to be the lightkeeper’s house at Cove Point Lighthouse near Solomons, Md., now a vacation rental house operated by the Calvert Marine Museum. Read the story here. Marty LeGrand gives us the definitive story on the geological secret that lay hidden under the lower Eastern Shore for 35 million years: one the largest impact craters on the entire planet. Yup, back in the good old Eocene days, before there were boats or people or fish you’d recognize--before there were even fast food stores--a gigantic hunk of space rock, miles wide, slammed into the earth at what is now Cape Charles (then shallow ocean) . . . and nobody knew about it until the early 1990s!

Finally there’s part one of Michael W. Finchum’s exhaustive article on the tragic sinking of the USCGC Cuyahoga 35 years ago at the mouth of the Potomac. Eleven men, most of them young trainees, died when the 125-foot cutter ill-advisedly crossed the path of a coal freighter. Part one looks closely at the collision itself and the events that led up to it; part two, in the March issue, examines the causes and consequences of the accident, which led to systemic changes in Coast Guard training policy and procedure.

The June 2014 issue may seem a long way off, but it really isn’t—especially if you want to enter a photo in our increasingly popular Best of the Bay Photo Contest. Slosh around in your Photostream, fish through your Flicker, Search your Shutterfly, and find your best Chesapeake photos from past seasons. As always, the categories are Boats, Places, People and Wildlife—and, as always, in addition to winning cash prizes, the winners and some honorable mentions will be published in the June 2014 issue, along with the results of our annual Best of the Bay Reader Survey! Click here for photo contest details.

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